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Lunchbox/Soapbox: Roscoe Howell on Australians and Modern Slavery

Watch Tuesday, 27 Jan 2015
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Slavery did not end 200 years ago. There are 27 million slaves in the world today – poor and vulnerable people who are owned, bonded or trafficked – children, women, men, child soldiers, sex slaves, debt slaves.

Some slaves are moved around the world. Many are enslaved close to where they were born, trapped by systems that have allowed child trading, debt bondage and forced marriage to persist for generations. Other forms of slavery (such as domestic service or organ trafficking) have only been recognised quite recently. Each form has its own definition, cause, solution and organisation responsible for tackling it.

Slavery means that one person owns another. What does it mean to be owned? What is bondage and why is it slavery? Where does trafficking fit in the big picture of slavery? Who has the power to stop it happening?

Join Roscoe Howell of Slavery Links Australia, as he outlines the forms of modern slavery and discusses how we can bring about change.

Recorded on Thursday 19 July 2012.

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