at The Wheeler Centre

What Men Really Think About … Love

To love is to be vulnerable. But vulnerability is something most men are taught to avoid at all costs. And yet to love and to be loved is something we all yearn for, need and deserve. In this forum, the three male guests discuss love ... how they want it, how they get it, how it thwarts them and what lengths they go to avoid the uncertainty that comes with it. From the love of a lover to the love of a child, to the love of a parent, to love lost, with unbridled passion their declarations of love unveil them to their core.

What Men Really Think About … Love is part of an emotionally confronting yet humourous series about men, galvanising a new masculine voice in a country renowned for its repressed male psyche. Guests speak with stark honesty about issues most men usually never talk about and especially not in public. Everything from intimacy in long term relationships to the desire for status to parenting to porn to mental health to body image to death and more. Through deeply personal written stories, they address how they have denied or expressed their truth surrounding the topic.

This kind of raw honesty – usually only witnessed behind closed doors - confronts the men and audiences with their innermost fears, failings, desires, longing, rage, hopes and dreams as well as their stark vulnerability. It turns on its head the notion of the closed-book, Aussie bloke and unearths the costs and consequences of living by a silent code of self-censorship.

Join us as we ask, why don’t men communicate their feelings? And what happens to them and everyone around them when they do?For more information on the What Men Really Think About… series, click here.

Please note: this event will be filmed for television broadcast. By attending this event, you are providing consent to be filmed.

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Portrait of Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers is one of Australia’s most enduring and respected rock icons. Tim is the frontman singer and lyricist for the legendary Australian rock bands You Am I and The Temperance Union. 

Portrait of Kim Farrant

Kim Farrant

Kim Farrant writes and directs drama, documentaries and commercials for film and TV.

Portrait of Barry Heard

Barry Heard

Barry Heard is a Vietnam vet and author of the prize-winning books Well Done Those Men, Tag, and View from Connors Hill.

Portrait of Harry O'Brien

Harry O'Brien

Harry O'Brien is a much loved and lauded AFL premiership footballer. He plays for Collingwood.


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