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The Wheeler Centre Gala 2014: 20 Questions

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If you had to choose, would you prefer non-fiction or fiction? Happy endings or sad ones? Are you a summer person or a winter person? Do you believe in individuality or community? Gratification or anticipation? Would you rather outlive your partner or be outlived? Which is worse: war or famine? Drowning at sea or indefinite detention?

These seemingly stark questions tell us things about who we are, what we value, and who we want to be.

2014’s Wheeler Centre Gala was a twisted referendum on 20 divisive questions. On Saturday 8 February, we took to the streets of Melbourne with four city polling booths (and a website, for those playing at home) to find out what you thought about ideas big and small, the fundamental and the trivial.

At the end of the day, we threw this old-fashioned election party to analyse the results and what they tell us about ourselves. Joining us all in the tally room (Melbourne Town Hall) were experienced commentators George Negus, Sophie Black, Bernard Salt and Ray Martin. Our host - as voted by the audience on the night - was Sally Warhaft.

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