Portrait of Tariq Modood

Tariq Modood

Tariq Modood is one of Britain’s most eloquent advocates of a ‘multiculturalism of hope’. In the Guardian he wrote, ‘Respect for religion and moderate secularism are kindred spirits and are sources of hope for a multiculturalism that gives status to religious, as to other, communities’. In 2001 he was awarded an MBE for services to social sciences and ethnic relations.

Modood is a regular contributor to the media and to policy discussions in Britain and was a member of the Commission on the Future of the Multi-Ethnic Britain (the Parekh Report). He is a member of the Academy of Social Sciences.

Modood is Professor of Sociology, Politics and Public Policy, and the founding director of the Centre for the Study of Ethnicity and Citizenship at the University of Bristol. He has led many research projects on ethnic minorities and Muslims in the UK and in Europe and has published extensively on these topics, especially on the theory and politics of multiculturalism.

His latest books include Multiculturalism: A Civic Idea, Still Not Easy Being British, and as co-editor Secularism, Religion and Multicultural Citizenship, Global Migration, Ethnicity and Britishness (2011) and European Multiculturalisms.