Portrait of Spencer Crittenden

Spencer Crittenden

Spencer Crittenden is a writer/producer from Moorpark, California. Growing up in the shade of Hollywood, Spencer Crittenden toiled in the back rooms of an Apple Store until a freak podcast appearance transformed Crittenden from audience member to podcast regular on Harmontown, a liquor fuelled, rant-soaked two-hour weekly comedy show in Hollywood's Meltdown Comics.

After pairing up with the titular Dan Harmon, Crittenden entered the industry as a personal assistant to the show runner for Community's 5th season. In addition to soaking up the story-breaking process of the writer's rooms, his acting career began with a role opposite Brie Larson in Community, followed by a part on Brooklyn Nine Nine, before ascending to co-lead alongside Harmon onscreen for the History Channel comedy series Great Minds.

His podcast presence took him from small time Dungeon Master, running the Harmontown crew through live Dungeons & Dragons games onstage, to live comedy performer on the show's live tour of the United States, becoming a documentary subject on Neil Berkeley's Netflix tour-doc Harmontown, and finally to translating the podcast's popular live-roleplaying segment into the Seeso hit HarmonQuest, a unique hybrid comedy series featuring fantasy cartoon animation melded with real roleplaying in front of a live audience.