Portrait of Shane Duffy

Shane Duffy

Shane is a descendant of the Kalkadoon people from Mount Isa in North West Queensland. Shane has worked in the human services industry for over two decades, serving as the chief executive officer for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Legal Service (ATSILS) in Queensland for the last nine years.

In addition to being the Chair of NATSILS (the national body for ATSILS), Shane has also been the Australian Legal Assistance Forum (ALAF) chair, and chair for the Queensland Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Human Services Coalition (QATSIHSC). Shane's experience broadly covers local, regional, state, national and international advocacy on issues that impact disproportionately and adversely upon his people.

Shane has been committed to social justice for his family and his people from a very young age whilst growing up in Mount Isa. His own life experiences of racism and prejudice that impacted on his daily upbringing have moulded the journey he has taken thus far, even though he didn't truly recognise and understand this fact until his early 20s.