Portrait of Pia Interlandi

Pia Interlandi

Pia Interladi is a fashion designer holding a PhD in Architecture and Design from RMIT University, where in 2013 she completed her doctoral study [A]Dressing Death: Fashioning Garments for the Grave. A full time academic in the School of Fashion and Textiles as RMIT, she has also completed Funeral Celebrancy training from the Celebrants Training College and freelances  as a Creative Ritual Facilitator within the funeral industry.  In 2014 she co-founded the Natural Death Advocacy Network (NDAN), is an ambassador for Dying2Know Day and is a member of the Order of the Good Death.

She has spent ten years immersing herself into the funeral industry, including two years working at the award winning Clandon Wood Natural Burial Ground in the UK where she was involved in over one hundred natural burials and funerals. In 2013 she was featured in an ABC Artscape Anatomy documentary called ‘Soul’ in which she worked with her first Garments For the Grave client, and then nominated and was runner up at the Good Funeral Awards for the Most Significant Contribution to the Understanding of Death. In 2017 she was commissioned by the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in New York, for a Little Black (Death) Dress, emphasising the importance of dressing and touch at the end of life.

Photo: Tom Ross