Portrait of Oren Gerassi

Oren Gerassi

Oren was the Wheeler Centre’s Technical Coordinator from 2011–2015.

Oren has been around live (and dead) performance since the age of 15, pushing heavy road cases in endless corridors, sleeping under stages and having an overall good time with music, theatre and other offensive activities.

He studies science and works in technical production roles at Museum Victoria and in festivals such as Falls Festival and Port Fairy Folk Festival.

With a Diploma in Technical Production, Oren began his Australian adventure in 2008, initiating, planning and producing the 48 Hour Film Project in Melbourne. After that, he continued on with sound design and editing for award winning short and feature films, whilst also recording and producing music and other noise.

Oren amuses himself (and a small number of other people) by writing silly poetry set to music, accompanied by lengthy disclaimers. He loves working collaboratively, dancing in elevators, reading and discussing the burning issues.