Portrait of Lawrie Zion

Lawrie Zion

Lawrie Zion is a senior lecturer in La Trobe University’s journalism.

In the 1980s Lawrie Zion wrote his PhD at Monash University examining the pop music scene in Australia during the 1960s and played piano in bars. For much of the last two decades he has worked in the media, including a nine-year stint at ABC radio, where he was based at Triple J.

He has worked as a writer, researcher and interviewer for ABC TV documentary series Long Way To The Top and Love Is In The Air. In 2006, he worked on the Crowded House Farewell to the World DVD, hosting the commentary track and conducting interviews. More recently he wrote and researched his own documentary about the Australian accent called The Sounds of Aus, which was presented by John Clarke and screened on ABC TV.

Lawrie Zion is the coordinator of La Trobe University’s Journalism program, and editor-in-chief of the program’s website for emerging journalists, upstart.