Portrait of Kevin Donnelly

Kevin Donnelly

Dr Kevin Donnelly is one of Australia’s leading education commentators and author of Why Our Schools are Failing (2004), Dumbing Down (2007) and Australia’s Education Revolution (2009).

Kevin has written over 400 articles in the daily media and professional journals and appears regularly on radio and television, both state and national. He taught English for 18 years in Victorian government and non-government secondary schools and has been a member of state and national curriculum bodes, including the Year 12 English Panel of Examiners, the Victorian Board of Studies and the Discovering Democracy Programme.

Kevin’s PhD thesis argues the case for a liberal/humanist view of education, stressing the importance of cultural literacy and education being impartial and balanced. Currently, Kevin is Director of Melbourne-based Education Standards Institute. When growing up in Broadmeadows, Kevin was a member of the Eureka Youth Movement.