Portrait of Geraldine Hickey

Geraldine Hickey

With an unselfconscious charm and a superb skill for finding the funny in true stories Geraldine Hickey has been described as a ‘deceptively cheery dame who'll quietly take out your innards.’ She is revered in the industry as a comedian’s comedian and has been shortlisted for the ‘Piece of Wood’ award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival multiple times. A veteran of many seasons of The Melbourne International Comedy Festival, she is also a regular on the club and pub circuit around the country.

In 2011 she teamed up with Kate McLennan and Anne Edmonds to host the weekly AFL themed podcast ‘The Downlow’. Melbourne Community station Triple R loved it so much they gave the girls their own sports themed show on Sunday afternoons, it soon became one of the stations most popular shows and resulted in Geraldine becoming a co-host on Breakfasters which is where you can now hear her every morning.