Portrait of Fiona Spitzkowsky

Fiona Spitzkowsky

Fiona Spitzkowsky is a writer, editor and theatre-maker.

She has worked as a producer for Attic Erratic, creative producer for the Emerging Writers’ Festival and assistant producer for the Festival of Live Art at Arts House. In the past she has directed Taming of the Shrew (MUSC, 2015) and [Lady] Macbeth (Twelve Angry, 2016). As a writer, Fiona has worked extensively with Australian Theatre for Young People (National Studio 2014, Voices Project 2015, Fresh Ink Program 2015), while also penning scripts for Sprung Festival and Disability Media's What's Wrong With U?. In 2016, Fiona is a member of the Voiceworks editorial committee, has presented work at Crack Theatre Festival and Critical Animals Festival and her short work,Top Up, will be staged at Testing Grounds in November.