Portrait of Fiona Chambers

Fiona Chambers

Fiona Chambers is a lecturer at Marcus Oldham Agricultural College in Geelong. She holds a Diploma of Applied Science in agriculture, specialising in animal health, nutrition and genetics and is undertaking a Master of Animal Breeding Management at Sydney University.

Fiona has farmed organically at her Daylesford property since 1990 and began breeding Wessex Saddleback pigs in 1995. She is a founding director of the Rare Breeds Trust of Australia and is a director of the Rare Breeds International world board. She has delivered papers on the subject of sustainable farming and the conservation of farm animal genetic diversity at conferences in Australia and overseas, including the UK, America, Germany, Fiji and Vietnam.

Fiona has been awarded a number of awards and fellowships in her 20-year farming career, most recently the 2011 Delicious Food Heritage Award and Best Bacon (The Foodies Guide to Melbourne 2010). She has been inducted into the Melbourne Food Hall of Fame.