Portrait of Felicity Ford

Felicity Ford

Felicity Ford is a business strategist with a passion for innovation, adaptive business models and women in leadership. Her passion lies within the 'better business space' where sustainable business models and innovative solutions are viewed as fundamental to realising improved business outcomes – maximised profit teamed with positive community and/or environmental impact.

Having worked in the manufacturing sector, she is a strong advocate of Australia’s SME business community and has a deep understanding the challenges facing this community and the manufacturing sector. Felicity brings a perspective on both the need and opportunity for existing Australian industries to transform and reshape their business models to remain competitive.

Felicity is a director of the Australia China One Belt One Road Initiative and a Co-founder of the Future Business Council, a member-based advocacy organisation, who is the peak body for the next generation of business representing resilient, sustainable and innovative businesses. She is also the founder of the 1902 club, an authentic community for women which is focused on building a women’s leadership and support network in Australia.