Portrait of Erica McCalman

Erica McCalman

Erica McCalman is a Ballardong (Noongar) woman with Irish Convict, Scottish and Cornish Heritage. She is a producer, curator and facilitator of contemporary and experimental live performance, working across the land now known as Australia and internationally. Erica was given her first book on Astrology at age nine and picked up her first Tarot deck ten years later. In addition to her creative consultancy Art Oracle, in 2020 she launched Tarot Oracle: taking her skills with the cards online with the mission of providing Empowering Tarot for Everybody. 

Her practice in the esoteric and the contemporary art worlds frequently collide, most notably serving as Oracle for Deborah Kelly’s CREATION project and conceiving the Next Wave 2018 keynote work Ritual which earned her a Green Room Award for programming and curation. 

Her current preoccupations include ancestral reclamation, standing in our own power with integrity and investigating where a balanced spiritual practice can support the urgent work we must do as a collective to ensure our future.