Portrait of Archie Chew

Archie Chew

Archie is a young director based in Australia. He makes stylised absurd comedies with heart. Archie works in close collaboration with his partner and producer Alicia Easaw-Mamutil and the pair strive to make ambitious, stylised, irreverent films.

Archie’s most recent short film The End, The Beginning had much success in Australia and overseas, most notably winning the Award for Best Original Music at Flickerfest 2021. Archie is a philosophy major and wrote his Masters thesis on absurdity and existentialism in comedic film making.

He has a Bachelors Degree from the Australian National University majoring in philosophy and has graduated from the Masters of Directing at The Australian Film Television and Radio School. Archie is currently writing in the third person in an effort to trick you into thinking that there might be a team of interns working on his bio... there is not.