Portrait of Antonio Castillo Rojas

Antonio Castillo Rojas

Dr Antonio Castillo Rojas is a Senior Lecturer and Program Manager, Journalism, RMIT University. He is a Latin American journalist and academic, and a founding editor of Global Media Journal, Australian edition and an editor of the Iberian and Latin American Studies Journal.

As an academic he has taught in Latin America, Asia and Australia. He is also an editorial board member of the journal Ethical Space. He has worked in news wire services, magazines, newspapers and radio.

In Australia, Antonio has worked for SBS and ABC. In 1994 in Geneva, he was awarded an Honorable Mention in the International Award for Solidarity with Refugees (International Catholic Union of the Press, UCIP). He has covered major international events including the Colombian conflict, the Arab Spring, the peace process in Sri Lanka and the drug war in Mexico.