Bat the Raven: A graphic novel by Sebastian Fowler, Hot Desk Fellowship Extracts 2014

The Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellowships, supported by the Readings Foundation, help writers to find time and space to work on their writing, by providing a desk for two months and a $1000 stipend. This week, we’ll be publishing a series of extracts from the work created by our last intake of Hot Desk Fellows during their time here.

Sebastian Fowler’s Bat the Raven is an all-ages graphic novel about an unusual little raven named Bat Ravensson, who stands out from his siblings because of his sticky-uppy head feathers, which make him look a bit like a bat. He has a bit of a rough time at school, but finds solace in the stories told to him by the elders. Unable to sleep, Bat wanders out one night and happens across a real bat named Vlad, darting through the shadows. They become best friends, but the more they hang out, the more Bat’s grades suffer at school from his nocturnal lifestyle… Here, we share a selection of Sebastian’s work-in-progress.