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Tim Flannery: The Climate Cure

Tim Flannery’s influential 2005 book, The Weather Makers, laid out the challenges human society faces due to global warming, from mass extinctions to devastating weather changes and human conflict over essential resources. It also proposed solutions, some of which have since been enshrined as government policy around the world.

In November, the scientist, conservationist and Chief Councillor of the Climate Council joins us to discuss his new book, The Climate Cure. Arriving in the wake of a disastrous bushfire season, the book is squarely focussed on solutions – inspired by Australia’s science-led response to Covid-19.

In a discussion for viewers of all ages, Flannery will speak with Izzy Raj-Seppings, a teenage organiser of School Strike 4 Climate Australia. They’ll talk about shifting attitudes to climate change, and what we can learn from last summer’s bushfires and this year’s pandemic. What world are we creating for the next generation? What are the risks if we don’t get it right? And what role can science play in changing minds and spurring action?

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Tim Flannery: The Climate Cure


Portrait of Tim Flannery

Tim Flannery

Tim Flannery is a scientist, an explorer, a conservationist and a leading writer on climate change. He has held various academic positions including visiting Professor in Evolutionary and Organismic Biology at Harvard University, Director of the South Australian Museum, Principal Research Scientist at the Australian Museum, Professorial Fellow at the Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, University of Melbourne, and Panasonic Professor of Environmental Sustainability, Macquarie University. His books include the award-winning international bestseller The Weather Makers, Here on Earth and Atmosphere of Hope. Flannery was the 2007 Australian of the Year. He is currently chief councillor of the Climate Council.

Portrait of Izzy Raj-Seppings

Izzy Raj-Seppings

Izzy Raj-Seppings is a 13-year-old school girl who lives in Sydney, Australia on Gameragal land. She is a member of School Strike 4 Climate and helps organise strikes in her local area. Izzy is passionate about the environment and all the ways we can help save it. Earlier this year, Izzy joined seven other young Australians to bring a Class Action against the Federal Environment Minister in an attempt to prevent the Vickery Coal Mine from being approved. Her official Instagram is @izzy_raj_seppings.


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