Points of View

Australian art starting conversations

Certain timeless works of art make us see the world differently. By experiencing famous paintings or sculptures, we can form an idea of what life was like when they were created. But how much can iconic art teach us about the world today? Taking four historical works as a starting point, our guests make a series of lateral leaps to explore the diversity of the modern world through the prism of classic art.

The works are John Brack’s Collins St., 5p.m. 1955, Tom Roberts’ Shearing the rams 1890, Ron Mueck’s sculpture Two women 2005 and Emily Kam Kngwarray’s 1995 masterpiece Anwerlarr anganenty (Big Yam Dreaming).

After a curator from the National Gallery of Victoria places the work in context, three different speakers will explore the tangents that arise, leading the discussion surrounding the piece in new and unexpected directions. The evening concludes with a creative response directly inspired by the artwork itself.

Guests include sport and business journalist Gideon Haigh, ARIA-award-nominated musician The Bedroom Philosopher, media scholar Patricia Edgar, Telstra’s Head of Innovation Hugh Bradlow and feminist, writer and ethicist Leslie Cannold.

Please enter through the North entrance, via Arts Centre Melbourne forecourt.