A Walk in the Park

History, and the history of great art and thinking, is rife with walkers. From flâneuring to Freud – from Wes Anderson to Marina Abramović – the simple act of putting one foot in front of the other has long been celebrated as a potent way to access the mind, the spirit, a sense of contemplation, or the most basic pleasures of being in the world.

So: how do writers and researchers use walking? How does it affect their ability to think methodically or creatively – and what can it offer to mental health?

For this unique one-day series, made up of three walks, you’re invited to eavesdrop on a roving conversation around Princes Park. On each hour-long amble, two writers will reflect on their unique relationships with walking. You’ll stroll behind them, listening in via wireless headphones. (Soggy day? Bring a raincoat!)