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at The Capitol Theatre

Secrets & Lies - How WikiLeaks Has Changed the World

Without exception, the biggest news story to close out 2010 was the rise and rise of WikiLeaks. As cable after cable appeared in the world’s newspapers, and the governments of the globe dissembled as diplomatic niceties were washed away, journalists and citizens alike raised their voices in defence of the website and its controversial founder. But what are the lasting implications of WikiLeaks? Where does the public’s right to know begin and end?

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Portrait of Suelette Dreyfus

Suelette Dreyfus

Suelette Dreyfus is a Research Fellow in the Department of Computing and Information Systems at The University of Melbourne. She is the Principal Researcher on the World Online Whistleblowing Survey, and part of an international team looking at the impact of technology on whistleblowing about wrongdoing.

Portrait of Lyndal Curtis

Lyndal Curtis

Lyndal Curtis is Chief Political Correspondent for ABC radio’s AM, The World Today and PM.

Portrait of Julian Burnside

Julian Burnside

Julian Burnside AO QC is an Australian barrister who specialises in commercial litigation and is also deeply involved in human rights work, in particular in relation to refugees.

Portrait of Paul Ramadge

Paul Ramadge

Paul Ramadge was appointed Editor-in-Chief of The Age and The Sunday Age in September 2008.


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