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at The Wheeler Centre

Robin Boyd: Australian Ugliness

In this very special event, we celebrate the legacy of Robin Boyd (1919–71), arguably Australia’s most influential architect.

Fifty years after its first publication, Boyd’s bestselling The Australian Ugliness remains the definitive statement on how we live and think in the environments we create for ourselves.

‘The basis of the Australian ugliness,’ he wrote, ‘is an unwillingness to be committed on the level of ideas.’

The re-release of this Australian classic will be celebrated at the Wheeler Centre with a discussion of Boyd’s seminal work and its continuing relevance.

Chaired by Michael Heyward, the speakers will be Karen Burns, Gideon Haigh and Brenda Niall.

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Karen Burns

Dr Karen Burns lectures in the Department of Architecture at Monash University (Caulfield).

Portrait of Gideon Haigh

Gideon Haigh

Gideon Haigh has been a journalist 32 years, published 32 books and edited seven others.  His latest is book is Stroke of Genius: Victor Trumper and the Shot That Changed Cricket published in 2016 by Penguin Random House.

Portrait of Michael Heyward

Michael Heyward

As well as being an author and editor, Michael Heyward is the managing director and publisher for Text Publishing, a multi-award-winning independent publishing company in Melbourne.

Portrait of Brenda Niall

Brenda Niall

Melbourne author Brenda Niall has combined her career as an academic in Monash University’s English Department with that of biographer and literary critic.


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