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Intelligence Squared Debates

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at Melbourne Town Hall

Public Funding of Private Education is Unconscionable

The parents of students attending private schools pay taxes. So, why should their children be denied a share of the education dollar? Yet every dollar provided to a private school is a dollar not available to invest in public schools. Where should we invest public funds and according to what set of principles might we decide without prompting envy and division?

Speakers arguing for the proposition will be Chris Bonnor, retired secondary school principal and author; Beatrice Duong, one of Victoria’s top high school debaters; and well-known novelist Shane Maloney.

Speakers arguing against the proposition will be Dr Kevin Donnelly, one of Australia’s leading education commentators; Andrew Elder, Year 12 student at Scotch College; and Amanda Vanstone, former federal education minister.

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Portrait of Chris Bonnor

Chris Bonnor

Chris Bonnor AM is a retired secondary school principal and author.

Portrait of Kevin Donnelly

Kevin Donnelly

Dr Kevin Donnelly is one of Australia’s leading education commentators and author of Why Our Schools are Failing (2004), Dumbing Down (2007) and Australia’s Education Revolution (2009).

Portrait of Amanda Vanstone

Amanda Vanstone

Amanda Vanstone is a former senior Australian politician.

Portrait of Shane Maloney

Shane Maloney

Born in Hamilton in western Victoria in 1953, Shane Maloney is one of Australia’s most popular novelists. His award-winning and much-loved Murray Whelan series – Stiff, The Brush-Off, Nice Try, The Big Ask, Something Fishy and Sucked In – has been published around the world. 

In 1996, The Brush-Off won the Ned Kelly Prize for Crime Fiction. In 2004, Stiff and The Brush-Off were made into telemovies starring David Wenham as Murray Whelan. In 2009, Shane Maloney was presented with the Crime Writers’ Association of Australia Lifetime Achievement Award.

Portrait of Beatrice Duong

Beatrice Duong

Beatrice Duong is a year 11 student at the John Monash Science School in Clayton.

Portrait of Andrew Elder

Andrew Elder

Andrew Elder is a Year 12 student at Scotch College.

Intelligence Squared Debates

The Intelligence Squared debates rage on in 2014 with a whole new range of topics as compelling as they are polarising. In these highly participatory debates, once both sides have had their say, the decision as to who emerges victor lies entirely in your hands.


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