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at The Wheeler Centre

Meanland: Reading in a Time of Technology

Multimedia books and academic wikis, music and sound publishing, and the world of computer games: technological change has extended reading and writing well beyond the book.

Chris Meade, the author of an Arts Council England report on the technological possibilities of literature, discusses his own experiments with musical, graphical and digital fiction; the ANU’s Adrienne Nicotra explains how educational wikis might replace text books; novelist and programmer Paul Callaghan demonstrates the role narrative plays in today’s computer games; and the poet/composer Klare Lanson explores the intersection of music and text.

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Portrait of Klare Lanson

Klare Lanson

Over the past 20 years, performance poet Klare Lanson has worked as a writer, visual arts curator, director, truck driver, editor and also pays bills by working in the IT industry.

Portrait of Chris Meade

Chris Meade

Chris Meade is Director of if:book LONDON. Chris has an M.A. in Creative Writing & New Media and his digital fiction In Search of Lost Tim was described by the Independent on Sunday as “a jeu d’esprit and just possibly the future of fiction.”

Portrait of Adrienne Nicotra

Adrienne Nicotra

Adrienne Nicotra, Senior lecturer in the Research School of Biology, ANU is one of the founding Editors of PROMETHEUSWiki, a new Wiki based site for PROtocols and METHods for Explanation and Updated Standards in ecology and environmental plant physiology.

Portrait of Paul Callaghan

Paul Callaghan

Paul Callaghan is a freelance writer, game developer, and co-director of the Freeplay Independent Games Festival.


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