Photo: Lorin Clarke

at Melbourne Town Hall

John Clarke: A Celebration

CLARKE, John, Dip Lid, PhD in Cattle (Oxen). Advisor and comforter to various governments. Born 1948. Educ. subsequently. Travelled extensively throughout Holy Lands, then left New Zealand for Europe. Stationed in London 1971–73. Escaped (decorated). Rejoined unit. Arrived Australia 1977. Held positions with ABC radio (Sckd), ABC Television (Dfnct), Various newspapers (Dcd), and Aust Film Industry (Fkd). Currently a freelance expert specialising in matters of a general character. Recreations: Whistling.

From his work as Fred Dagg to his invention of the fictional sport of Farnarkling, from The Games to Clarke and Dawe, John Clarke has left an indelible impact.

A poet, a playwright, a songwriter, an author and a columnist as well as a director, performer and producer, John was a true original.

At this public memorial at the Melbourne Town Hall, John's friends, colleagues and collaborators will celebrate his life and work in an evening of readings, stories and music. 

This event is free. For those who want to make a charitable contribution in John's memory, his family has nominated Trust for Nature.

Presented with the Clarke Family.


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