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at The Wheeler Centre

Guy Rundle on the New Tabloid Racialism

In the last couple of years, tabloid attacks on Islam, aborigines, African immigrantsand other groups has mutated:after 9/11 it was a triumphalist assertion of Western supremacy over other cultures. In the wake of Iraq, the 2008 crash, and China rising, the focus has become the ‘other’ - from the alleged essential violence of Islam, to immigrant barbarism, to the return of eugenic assessment of indigenous people. Where did this ‘new hate’ come from? And why has the ‘respectableRight’ been so silent about it?

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Portrait of Guy Rundle

Guy Rundle

Guy Rundle is UK correspondent for Crikey, and a frequent contributor to the Age, the Sydney Morning Herald, among many others.

Lunchbox / Soapbox

We love exploring ideas at the Wheeler Centre, and encouraging others to do the same. That’s why every Thursday lunchtime we hand the microphone over to the great thinkers, dreamers and orators of our time.

With a dazzling range of passionate speakers and unusual topics, our soapbox provides a platform for the eclectic, topical and enlightening stories you won’t hear elsewhere. This is the most memorable lunch break you’ll have all week.

If you’re in need of sustenance of body as well as mind, the MOAT lunch cart will be serving delicious $10 lunchboxes in the Performance Space from 12.20pm.


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