at Athenaeum Theatre

Geoffrey Robertson

The Oz obscenity trial. Defending Julian Assange and Salman Rushdie. Establishing journalists’ right to protect sources. Defining ‘terrorism’ for the first time. Calling for the Vatican to be treated as a ‘rogue state’ until it stops protecting paedophile priests. These are just some of the landmarks in the career of renowned human rights lawyer Geoffrey Robertson, QC, one of the most formidable and original legal minds in the world.

‘I started, in a sense, acting for the underdog and using the law as a way of … letting the underdog run free,’ he has said.

Geoffrey writes and broadcasts regularly on international legal issues. He creates Geoffrey Robertson’s Hypotheticals for television and ethics education. As a UN Appeal judge, he has ruled on the illegality of conscripting child soldiers and the invalidity of amnesties from war crimes. Mullahs without Mercy, Geoffrey’s new book, argues that international law is the only weapon which can be used to prevent Iran acquiring nuclear weapons. In it, he demonstrates, with chilling examples, why Iran cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons triggering a local and possibly global war.

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Portrait of Geoffrey Robertson

Geoffrey Robertson

Geoffrey Robertson QC is founder and head of the world’s largest human rights practice, in London. He has prosecuted Hastings Banda, defended Julian Assange and acted for Human Rights Watch in the proceedings against General Pinochet.


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