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NonfictioNow Melbourne 2012

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at The Wheeler Centre

David Shields in Conversation

David Shields has been hailed as a writing revolutionary. His wildly inventive ‘manifesto’ Reality Hunger, a broadside against the contemporary novel, has been welcomed with open arms by novelists such as Jonathan Lethem (‘intoxicated’) and Zadie Smith (‘thrilling to read’).

Shields argues that the novel is outdated and boring; that contemporary readers crave reality. But that reality can (and should) be blurred, he says, creating a new-millennium hybrid of fiction and non-fiction.

In Reality Hunger, he draws on ideas from across genres, countries and centuries, using artists as diverse as The Beastie Boys and Ezra Pound to make his points (and defending James Frey along the way).

David Shields will be in conversation with Sally Heath.

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Portrait of Sally Heath

Sally Heath

Sally Heath is editor of Meanjin and a former Fairfax journalist.

Portrait of David Shields

David Shields

David Shields is the author of 12 books, including Reality Hunger: A Manifesto, which was named one of the best books of 2010 by more than 30 publications.

NonfictioNow Melbourne 2012

NonfictioNow brings together leading writers from around the world and across Australia, inviting them to lay down their pens, step away from their keyboards and swap notes on writing (and reading) non-fiction – right now.

NonfictioNow is a three-day conference held at RMIT University, exploring creative practices, contemporary debates and new directions in non-fiction.


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