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Care Packages

Lockdown has been tough for many teens – missing milestones, dealing with school and family stresses and separated from friends. Let’s be honest, it’s been a struggle.

At this online event, we'll talk frankly about self-care strategies during Covid-19 and beyond. How have teens been looking after themselves, and each other, during this surreal and difficult time?

Hosted by Lucy Thomas from Project Rockit, we'll hear from three teens – Jayda Franks, Chelsea Allen and Freddie Russon – on self-care in 2020. They'll share practical tips, tricks and pitfalls; discuss how they’re caring for friends, family members and community; and talk about how they're maintaining hope for the future.

Which new habits will we take into post-lockdown life and which terrible coping mechanisms should we kick to the curb? 

This event is open to everyone, particularly teens in years 9–12, and educators.

Content warning: This event includes discussion of disordered eating and mental health.


Read Self-care during times of crisis by Project Rockit's Lucy Thomas. 

Wheeler Education: Care Packages


Portrait of Lucy Thomas

Lucy Thomas

Growing up, Lucy Thomas always figured that 'someone should really do something about bullying.' Then she realised: I am that someone. Now, more than a decade after launching PROJECT ROCKIT, Lucy has dedicated her whole life to the cause. As a keynote speaker and facilitator, Lucy has personally worked with hundreds of thousands of young people all over the world, from Wangaratta to Texas, Wollongong to Auckland, Atherton to Perth. Her work has been honoured by UNICEF, The University of Melbourne, the Foundation of Young Australians, the global Family Online Safety Institute and Lucy is recipient of an Order of Australia Medal for her service to youth and the issue of bullying.

Portrait of Jayda Franks

Jayda Franks

Jayda Franks is a young creative writing student on the glorious Sunshine Coast. She is an avid reader, writer and activist and published a piece about self-care on women’s website Rosie, enjoying every aspect of the process. Irrelevantly, after a life of denial, she has finally accepted that she is, in fact, a cat person.

Portrait of Freddie Russon

Freddie Russon

Frederique is a VCAL student in year eleven working to get her Certificate III in Early Childhood and Education. She runs the queer club at Templestowe College and is a mental health advocate. She's passionate about politics and social justice. She also is raising a cat.

Portrait of Chelsea Allan

Chelsea Allan

Chelsea lives in regional Victoria in a small town two hours away from Melbourne. She had the privilege of writing for ROSIE about two years ago, and is thrilled to be given the opportunity to speak again.

Chelsea loves to cook, eat, yoga, and spend time with her friends and family. She is passionate about sustainability, women’s rights and the importance of self-care.

Wheeler Education

Being a teenager is all about change. Adolescence is when most of us form a sense of the world, try to find our place in it and (hopefully) have some fun along the way. Beyond what we learn at school, some of our most valuable learning happens when we discover the communities and ideas that connect us.

In the extraordinary times we live in, Wheeler Education is here to bring the world to teens – and teens to the world. We’ll explore the challenges facing young people right now, and the bold ways they’re envisioning their own futures. Hear from teens, writers, and educators about their passions, plans, survival tips and more.


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