at Athenaeum Theatre

12 Angry People

Adam Zwar directs a reading of the classic American film, presented in a distinctly Australian accent.

Twelve actors will inhabit the roles of twelve unnamed jurors (a cross-section of society) trapped in a sweltering New York courtroom, as they debate the innocence of a slum boy accused of killing his father. Their verdict must be unanimous – and if guilty, he will be sentenced to death. Eleven jurors are quick to condemn him, but one holds out, determined to carefully consider the evidence.

This production will be a live staged reading of the film script, with some of Australia’s most experienced actors – both men and women – inhabiting the famous roles.

12 Angry Men, a co-production between screenwriter Reginald Rose and Henry Fonda, was nominated for three Oscars, and has lived on as a perfectly formed tribute to the ideals of the western justice system – a fair trial and the presumption of innocence.

Film guru Roger Ebert calls it ‘as meticulous as an Agatha Christie thriller’ and IMDB has listed it as one of the best films of all time.

Directed by Adam Zwar, and featuring: Nadine Garner, Beth Buchanan, Lachy Hulme, Steve Bastoni, Ash Zukerman, Paul Denny, Patrick Brammall, Joy Mitchell, Kate Jenkinson, Cindy Waddingham, Bert Labonte and Leah Vandenberg.

This event is part of a double bill with Geoffrey Robertson. Package tickets for both sessions have booked out; tickets for 12 Angry People are still available.

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Portrait of Leah Vandenburg

Leah Vandenburg

Leah graduated from WAAPA in 1993. Her theatre credits include Grace for the Melbourne Theatre Company, Criminology for the Arena Theatre Company, The Country for B Sharp @ Belvoir Street; The Perfumed Garden, The Taming of the Shrew; and for Tamarama Rock Surfers, A Clockwork Orange and Love and Understanding. She is also a regular presenter on television’s Playschool.

Portrait of Nadine Garner

Nadine Garner

One of Australia’s most respected actors, Nadine Garner’s career has spanned film, television and theatre for more than 25 years. Nadine is most recently known for her leading role in the successful Seven Network drama, City Homicide.

Portrait of Bert LaBonté

Bert LaBonté

Bert is an Australian actor, recently Green Room-nominated for his body of work in theatre. He is known for a variety of shows across the country, including Lungs, I Am a Miracle, Birdland, Timeshare, The Good Person of Szechwan, Let’s Get It On, When I Fall in Love – The Nat King Cole Story and The Mountaintop (Green Room Award nominee), and as an original cast member of Rupert (MTC and Washington US tour).

Portrait of Paul Denny

Paul Denny

Paul Denny is an actor whose career has spanned over two decades, traversing roles in films, on television and on stage. He was nominated for a 2010 AFI Award for his role as Bob in the successful first series of ABC-TV’s Lowdown. He reprised the role in the recently screened second series of Lowdown.

Portrait of Beth Buchanan

Beth Buchanan

Over the last 30 years Beth Buchanan has worked extensively as an actor in Television, Film and Theatre.

Portrait of Joy Mitchell

Joy Mitchell

Joy’s directing career was a natural progression from a prolific and successful acting career. As a young actor she shared the stage with many national and international celebrities such as Googie Withers, John McCallum, Frank Thring, Reg Livermore, Mary Hardy, Patricia Kennedy and Bryan Brown.

She went on to enjoy a distinguished acting career playing leading roles at Melbourne’s Princess Theatre, Comedy Theatre, The Malthouse, Melbourne Theatre Company and appearing in television shows such as Homicide, Matlock Police, The Sullivans, Cop Shop, Prisoner, Blue Heelers, Neighbours and Snowy River.

Portrait of Patrick Brammall

Patrick Brammall

Patrick Brammall has an extensive list of television credits including Rush, The Librarians, All Saints, East West 101, Canal Road, Home and Away, At Home with Julia, The Alice, Lowdown and the sketch comedy pilot, Some Say Love for UKTV. In 2010, he portrayed Kim Beazley in the Australian telemovie, Hawke.

In 2011, Patrick made his feature film debut in Leon Ford’s critically acclaimed Griff the Invisible opposite Ryan Kwanten, which screened at the Toronto and Berlin International Film Festivals.

Portrait of Adam Zwar

Adam Zwar

Adam Zwar is a multi award-winning actor, writer and producer. He is best known for co-creating and starring in the Australian comedy series Lowdown (ABC, BBC4) and Wilfred (SBS), which was formatted in Russia and the US. More recently, Adam created the popular Agony series (ABC) – which is currently in its 5th season. Selected acting credits include Party Tricks, Rake, Howzat, as well as feature films The Wedding Party and Rats and Cats.

Portrait of Cindy Waddingham

Cindy Waddingham

Cindy Waddingham is an actor who has appeared in television series including Lowdown, Wilfred, Rush and Blue Heelers. She enjoys playing music, tennis, old-fashioned dancing and riding other people’s horses without their permission.

Portrait of Steve Bastoni

Steve Bastoni

One of Australia’s most accomplished actors, Steve' string of film and television credits include the Golden Globe nominated On The Beach. He became a household name as ‘Angel’ in Police Rescue and has starred in numerous TV productions including The Magistrate, South Pacific, the award winning mini-series Blue Murder and Underbelly The Golden Mile.

Portrait of Ashley Zukerman

Ashley Zukerman

Ashley Zukerman graduated from the VCA in 2006. He is best known as Snr. Cnst. Michael Sandrelli in Rush which earned him a Logie nomination for Most Outstanding New Talent.

He has also appeared in HBO’s miniseries The Pacific, ABC’s Lowdown and The Slap, Fox Network’s Terra Nova and independent feature films Blame and Bushweed.

Portrait of Kate Jenkinson

Kate Jenkinson

Kate graduated from WAAPA in 2004 winning the Nigel Rideout Award. In 2005 Kate was nominated for the Best Newcomer Award for her role as Julia in Zastrozzi for Black Swan Theatre Company.

She has appeared on Thank God You’re Here, Canal Road, Forgotten Cities, Newstopia, Bogan Pride, Rush, Satisfaction, Tangle, Whatever Happened to That Guy?, Wilfred II, Lowdown and City Homicide.


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