TV: A Sight for Square Eyes

TV: A Sight for Square Eyes

It’s time for a look at all things TV — with our favourite couch potatoes. Long-time critic Debi Enker is joined by Luke Buckmaster, Stephanie Van Schilt and Craig Mathieson to wax lyrical about our second — or is it third? — golden age of television: the ongoing classics, new shows and returning series on which we’re about to binge.

Together, they dig into some of the big questions facing the small-screen. How are we faring locally, given Australian content laws and our increasing appetite for the slick, well-funded offerings of the HBOs of the world? What are our successful exports, and why? And as the dust settles on the idiot box of old, what emerging platforms are proving popular and meeting — or manipulating — our transforming viewing habits?


Portrait of Debi Enker

Debi Enker

Debi Enker has been writing about film and television for more than 20 years – long enough to have written reviews of Mad Max 3 and Far East for the late and lamented film magazine, Cinema Papers.

Portrait of Stephanie Van Schilt

Stephanie Van Schilt

Stephanie Van Schilt is editor of The Lifted Brow and co-host of The Rereaders podcast. The former TV columnist for Kill Your Darlings, Stephanie's writing has featured in various publications including MetroCrikeyJunkee and the Big Issue. 

Portrait of Luke Buckmaster

Luke Buckmaster

Luke Buckmaster began writing about cinema and TV in 1997. Back then Tamagotchis were all the rage, Scottish scientists cloned a sheep named Dolly and the word “Google” sounded like something you did with binoculars.

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