The Hard Sell: Dee Madigan on Political Advertising

The Hard Sell: Dee Madigan on Political Advertising

In the lead-up to the 2014 Victorian state election, advertising expert Dee Madigan (Gruen Planet) gave us the inside running on how political advertising works, why negative ads strike a chord, the secrets of spin, and more. In conversation with Ben Birchall.

Find out how politicians use journalists who use politicians, how gender plays into it, and what happens when it all falls apart. Get the tools to analyse all those ads we’re bombarded with during elections.


Portrait of Dee Madigan

Dee Madigan

Dee Madigan is an award-winning creative director. She is a panellist on Gruen Planet (ABC TV) and appears on Sky’s The Contrarians, PM Live and The Perrett Report.

Portrait of Ben Birchall

Ben Birchall

Ben Birchall is a writer, broadcaster and creative director who has worked in radio, advertising and digital publishing. He hosted 3RRR FM’s Breakfasters from 2009-2012 and is currently the host of Ingredipedia – a factual food fight podcast that consistently tops the iTunes Australia food charts. His writing has appeared in the Age, Smith Journal and Frankie and his advertising work for clients like NAB, Mars, CUB and the Wheeler Centre has won awards internationally.

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