Tash Aw

Tash Aw

Tash Aw’s third – and ‘most personal’ – novel, Five Star Billionaire, follows four Malaysian characters trying to make it in the new China, where the megacity of Shanghai is the new New York. With chair Nikki Anderson, Aw talks about his literary survey of a resurgent and fiercely capitalist China - and explores its delicate balance of opportunity and ruthlessness.


Portrait of Tash Aw

Tash Aw

Tash Aw is Malaysian by birth but now lives in London.With the assistance of two fellowships, Tash spent considerable time in Shanghai writing Five Star Billionaire, his third novel.

Portrait of Nikki Anderson

Nikki Anderson

Nikki Anderson is a communications and literary consultant, and coordinator of the Australian Embassy Beijing’s annual writers week.

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