Raimond Gaita and Katerina Gaita: A Climate of Change

Raimond Gaita and Katerina Gaita: A Climate of Change

How might a philosopher frame the problem of climate change? What can philosophers learn from environmentalists and vice versa?

In this conversation, we bring together a prominent philosopher and a prominent climate-change activist who just happen to be from the same family: Raimond and Katerina Gaita. Raimond is the author of many books including Romulus, My Father and is a professorial fellow at Melbourne University. Katerina is a climate communicator and the founding director of Climate for Change, a non-profit, grassroots organisation that galvanises ordinary Australians to live sustainably and to take climate action.

At the Wheeler Centre, the pair discuss civics, sustainability and legacy, generational differences and the future of the planet.


Portrait of Raimond Gaita

Raimond Gaita

Raimond Gaita has published widely to academic and non- academic audiences. In 2009, the University of Antwerp awarded Gaita the degree of Doctor Honoris Causa ‘for his exceptional contribution to contemporary moral philosophy and for his singular contribution to the role of the intellectual in today’s academic world’.

Portrait of Katerina Gaita

Katerina Gaita

Katerina Gaita is the founder and CEO of Climate for Change, a not-for-profit working to create the social climate in Australia for the action we need on climate change. Climate for Change focuses on supporting those who do understand the scale and urgency of solutions needed to have more effective conversations with people around them who do not.