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Watch It!: Writing for TV, Then and Now

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In this discussion, we’ll examine the relationships between viewers, writers and networks. How do screenwriters deal with the heightened attention of on-demand viewing? How do networks and platforms test new shows and talent? What’s the difference between a network and a platform … and will appointment TV endure in any form?

We ‘binge’ watch. We re-watch. We consume everything from cheap DIY to luxurious premium productions. We dip in and out of series, live-tweet our reactions and ache between seasons. Streaming and on-demand services have rebuilt our small-screen attentions and affections – and, arguably, done more to dismantle ideas of ‘high’ and ‘low’ art than any other popular media form. The way we watch TV is changing and writers are responding accordingly.

Hosted by Elise McCredie, we’ll look contemporary small-screen culture square in the eye – and ask what’s changed, who’s doing its best work and what’s in it for writers.

Presented in partnership with Victorian College of the Arts.

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