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Tim Flannery: Rays of Hope

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Tim Flannery

Wherever you are in Australia – whether it’s warm or cold, overcast or painfully bright – you are exposed to more sunlight than anywhere else in the world. There is no doubt that this is Australia’s biggest potential resource. The problem? We haven’t really had the technology to harness it as a primary energy source. Until now.

In his latest book, Sunlight and Seaweed, acclaimed scientist, climate change researcher and author Tim Flannery opens our eyes to some heartening technological breakthroughs. Like how ‘intense heat energy’ use and storage may overcome the thorny issue of producing electricity on overcast days. And how – with temperatures set to rise at alarming rates and carbon removal becoming as important as carbon reduction – a tasty, ribbon-like seaweed may just be the banner of our collective salvation.

Join Tim Flannery for a climate change discussion that offers more than a little ray of hope, hosted by Hilary Harper.

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