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Listen to We Are Here: Stories of Home, Place and Belonging

Homelessness can take many guises – sleeping rough, yes, but also couch-surfing, squatting, or staying in a refuge, boarding house or caravan park. The same can be said of the people who experience homelessness. Not defined simply by their predicament, they’re a diverse group. They may be siblings, parents, grandparents; people who study or work; people who’ve moved or migrated, yet to find their feet. People with full lives, and much to offer.  A new profit-for-purpose book from Affirm Press, We Are Here: Stories of Home, Place and Belonging, is a testament to the unique insights of people who’ve known…
  ∙  01:01:05
Double Booked Club: Peter Polites and Christos Tsiolkas
  ∙  00:58:19
Writing in Exile: PEN International Day of the Imprisoned Writer
  ∙  01:04:54
Broadside: Who Gave You Permission? Speaking Up and Speaking Out
  ∙  00:39:24
The Next Big Thing: Most Underrated Book Award Edition 2019
  ∙  01:02:30
Broadside: Helen Garner
  ∙  00:55:49
Broadside: Rage Against the Machine: Feminism and Capitalism
  ∙  01:01:41
Broadside: Necessary Truths: Fatima Bhutto and Mona Eltahawy
  ∙  01:02:36
Broadside: Tressie McMillan Cottom
  ∙  01:01:50
Broadside: Taking Up Space: Building the City That We Deserve
  ∙  00:59:22
William Dalrymple: Corporate Violence and the East India Company
  ∙  00:58:27
Tell Me a Story: Mem Fox on Reading Aloud
  ∙  01:07:05
Paul Holdengräber: The Art of the Interview
  ∙  00:59:11
Double Booked Club: Anna Krien and Favel Parrett
  ∙  00:51:40
Digital Futures: New Media, Storytelling and Disability
  ∙  00:59:17
Writing in Exile: Roza Germian
  ∙  00:56:01
Paul West: Sustainability, Cooking and Community
  ∙  00:50:22
Kerry Reed-Gilbert: The Cherry Picker’s Daughter
  ∙  01:03:46
Not Racist, But ...: Racism and the Criminal Justice System
  ∙  01:00:49
Krack!n the Industry: Inclusion on Screen

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