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Federal Election 2019

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After yet another year of chaos in the Australian Parliament, a federal election looms. For an in-depth discussion of the context – and possible outcome – of the vote, Sally Warhaft will be joined by two veterans of Australian political circles: journalist Michelle Grattan and former Liberal leader John Hewson.

Photo of Sally Warhaft (speaking into her microphone), John Hewson and Michelle Grattan - on a grey stage, sitting on red armchairs

Warhaft, Hewson and Grattan — Photo: Johnboy Davidson / José Eveline

What are the major parties offering, in terms of health, education, housing and climate policy? Which policies can really swing voters? How will the minor and single-issue parties fare in the Senate? Will Tony Abbott hold on to Warringah? Can Bill Shorten be our new Prime Minister? And is anything as exotic as leadership stability possible in the 46th Parliament?

In this episode, Sally Warhaft talks politics and policy beyond the polls with Grattan and Hewson.

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