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Eavesdropping on Artists: AM I / When the mountain changed its clothing

Listen to Eavesdropping on Artists: AM I / When the mountain changed its clothing

We’ll look at the varied role of the voice in the works. With opera director Matthew Lutton, chair Sarah Austin, Liquid Architecture co-artistic director Danni Zuvela and more.


Portrait of Matthew Lutton

Matthew Lutton

Matthew Lutton is a theatre and opera director based in Melbourne. He is currently an associate artist at the Malthouse Theatre, where he has directed Night on Bald Mountain, The Bloody Chamber, Dance of Death, Pompeii, L.A., On the Misconception of Oedipus, Die Winterreise, The Trial and Tartuffe.

Portrait of Danni Zuvela

Danni Zuvela

Danni Zuvela is a writer, curator and academic. She has published writing on experimental film, music, art and performance.

Portrait of Sarah Austin

Sarah Austin

Sarah Austin is a theatre-maker, researcher and curator who has worked for arts companies in both Australia and overseas. Her practice blends an interest in live art, visual theatre and participatory theatre and she has extensive experience working with young people and communities.

Art and Change

Arts and politics, creativity and change. The Wheeler Centre hosts riveting discussions with some of Australia’s most important intellectual and artistic voices as they explore the intersection between artistic creation and political action.