Geordie Williamson: The Burning Library

Geordie Williamson: The Burning Library

Geordie Williamson, one of our leading literary critics, approaches books and writing with the ardour of an enthusiast – though he’s also alarmed at the way classic Australian literature is falling out of fashion and being forgotten. Geordie’s new book The Burning Library is his hopeful remedy, reintroducing readers to past masters like Dymphna Cusack and David Ireland, and celebrating marginal geniuses like Gerald Murnane. He discusses his motivations for reviving our awareness of our modern masters with Sarah L'Estrange of Radio National’s Books and Arts Daily.


Portrait of Sarah L'Estrange

Sarah L'Estrange

Sarah L’Estrange is a producer on Books and Arts Daily, ABC Radio National.

Portrait of Geordie Williamson

Geordie Williamson

Geordie Williamson is chief literary critic of the Australian and winner of the 2011 Pascall Prize for criticism.

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