Eva Gabrielsson

Eva Gabrielsson

Eva Gabrielsson, the widow of Swedish crime writing phenomenon Stieg Larsson speaks about his life, his writing and his legacy. Gabrielsson is joined by ABC Melbourne’s Jon Faine.

Eva, an architect and author of several books, discusses her memoir, Stieg and Me. Stieg and Me tells the story of Eva and Stieg’s 30-year romance, of Stieg’s life-long struggle to expose Sweden’s neo-Nazis, of his fight to keep Expo, the magazine he founded, solvent, and his difficult relationships with his immediate family. She talks of the genesis of the Millennium trilogy, the sources for the characters and places in each book, the mystery of the fourth volume, the saga of Larsson’s death, and his legacy.

Finally, responding to audience questions, she ponders where her life might be today had she not become embroiled in a protracted dispute with Larsson’s family, and considers WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange’s legal fate in her home of Sweden.

Eva Gabrielsson was presented in partnership with the Brisbane Writers Festival.


Portrait of Eva Gabrielsson

Eva Gabrielsson

Eva Gabrielsson is an architect and author in Sweden of books on a variety of subjects including concubinage and architecture.

Portrait of Jon Faine

Jon Faine

After seven years as a lawyer, Jon entered radio broadcasting in 1989 to produce and present Radio National’s Law Report.

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