Beyond Marriage Equality

Beyond Marriage Equality

Exactly one year on from the announcement of Australia’s marriage equality post survey result, we take stock of the state and legal status of LGBTIQ+ people across Australia.

The marriage equality vote brought a lot of romance and rejoicing – as well as a surprising number of heterosexual politicians lining up to claim credit – but the campaign period came at a significant emotional and personal cost to many LGBTIQ+ people, too. Has achieving marriage equality had any impact on experiences of entrenched discrimination within the queer community? And what does it meant that only two-thirds of Australians agree that marriage equality should be legal?

In this discussion, hosted by Lee Carnie, our panellists – Timothy Jones, Aram Hosie and Wilhelmina Stracke – chew over these questions and propose new frontiers in the fight for real equality for LGBTIQ+ Australians across all areas of life. How can we improve health care for queer Australians? What can we do for adolescent, and ageing, LGBTIQ+ communities and those in rural and remote areas?

This event was presented in partnership with the Human Rights Law Centre and the Equality Campaign.


Portrait of Lee Carnie

Lee Carnie

Lee Carnie is a senior lawyer at the Human Rights Law Centre advocating for equality law reform and a national Charter of Human Rights, and the Director of Legal Advocacy at Equality Australia, Australia’s first national LGBTIQ+ legal advocacy and campaigning organisation. They are dedicated to tackling discrimination and building a movement for stronger human rights protections for all of us. 

Portrait of Timothy Jones

Timothy Jones

Timothy Jones is a historian of gender, sexuality and religion in the modern West. He is the author of Sexual Politics in the Church of England, 1857-1957 (2013) and lead author of Preventing Harm, Promoting Justice: Responding to LGBT Conversion Therapy in Australia (2018). He teaches at La Trobe University, and is Vice President of the Australian Lesbian and Gay Archives.

Portrait of Aram Hosie

Aram Hosie

More than ten years ago and well before the world had heard of Laverne Cox or Caitlyn Jenner, Aram Hosie found himself at the forefront of trans visibility in Australia when he appeared on the front page of Western Australia’s only State newspaper. From those awkward beginnings as the 'Senator’s Sex-Swap Partner!' Aram has gone on to write, speak, educate and advocate for the issues affecting trans people at both the national and international level. Aram’s work has included further media engagements, playing an instrumental role in the reform of Passports and Medicare policy, winning a High Court challenge to Western Australia's gender recognition laws, and advocating on trans people’s HIV prevention and treatment needs on the global stage.

Portrait of Wilhelmina Stracke

Wilhelmina Stracke

Wilhelmina Stracke is the Assistant Secretary of the Victorian Trades Hall Council. She was previously an Associate Solicitor at Slater & Gordon before commencing as an organiser with the Australian Service Union.