Running thoughts

From our upcoming presenters

Portrait of Roxane Gay

I love literary fiction so long as it is not about (a) writers, (b) sad white people in sad marriages or (c) sad white writers in bad marriages.

Portrait of Jay Rayner

One of my mottos for living is: never eat on a boat, unless you own the boat.

Portrait of James Gleick

If time capsulists are enacting reverse archaeology, they are also engaging in reverse nostalgia.

James Gleick on our obsession with time travel

Invasion of the Pod People: Radiolab, Risk and Genius: Jad Abumrad and Andrew Denton

'There's no room for serendipity in podcasting for people who don't agree with you. Unless you're one of those people who seeks out disagreement; those people are rare.' Radiolab creator and podcast legend Jad Abumrad speaks with Andrew Denton

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