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On love, life and literature

Portrait of Annabel Crabb

His enthusiasm for the iPad, when it was invented, was that of a starving man for a sandwich.

Portrait of Mel Campbell

In her last known sitting for a professional photographer, in 1939, Virginia Woolf changed her blouse three times and her jacket once, trying to find the right envelope. 

Portrait of Andy Griffiths

He evokes the feeling of childhood, where adults are big and scary and often gigantic.

Marjorie M. Liu on Comics, Romance and the Joy of Writing

Marjorie M. Liu spoke to us about comics, romance and the joy of writing.

Housekeeping #5, Locked Out: Do prisoners have the right to vote?

In the fifth and final episode of Housekeeping – the Wheeler Centre's five-part mini-series of short podcast features on Australian democracy – Jarni Blakkarly looks at the confusing status of prisoners' voting rights in Australia.

Tom Stoppard: The Space between Writers, Actors and the Audience

British playwright Tom Stoppard discusses his conceptual difficulty with acting as an art or profession; noting the tension between the work of the writer and the work of the performer.

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