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Running thoughts

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Portrait of Jon Gray

There has been a resurgence in hand-drawn covers over the past 10 years or so. This is precisely because it allows you to hint at personality and individuality and not show character or setting.

Portrait of Laura Secor

The Iranian women’s-rights movement was never so visible, or so embattled, as it was during the early Ahmadinejad period. 

Portrait of George Packer

Trump’s toxicity, combined with a decline in the white electorate might make this a year of Democratic routs.

James Patterson

Superstar author James Patterson shares insights on publishing and philanthropy with Rafael Epstein.

Sport and Human Rights

All sorts of lofty ideals are projected onto the world of competitive sport. Sport is supposed to unite people across races and cultures. It’s supposed to deliver us role models. It’s supposed to provide a common talking point across social divides. Our expectations of sporting figures and sporting events sometimes seem unreasonably high and, at other times, contemptibly low. What happens when we examine these expectations through the lens of human rights?

Write of Passage: Growing Pains

John Marsden, Will Kostakis and Alice Pung speak about stories exploring the universal – and often peculiar, embarrassing and remarkable – experiences of growing up, with fellow YA author Emily Gale.

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