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Portrait of Adam Liaw

I genuinely love that the people who take issue with #KitchenCabinet are angry that there is TOO MUCH civility in Australian politics.

Portrait of Cheryl Strayed

I don’t think there’s a single dumbass thing I’ve done in my adult life that I didn’t know was a dumbass thing to do while I was doing it.

Portrait of Meghan Daum

In the history of the world, a whole story has never been told.

Ruth Ozeki on Catastrophe, Thought Experiments and Writing as Performed Philosophy

Ruth Ozeki speaks to Leanne Hall about Zen and her novels in a special wheelercentre.com video-only feature

Paul Keating and Kerry O'Brien

In this extended interview, Paul Keating talks to Kerry O'Brien about Indigenous reconciliation, political leadership, the value of art and culture and much more.

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