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Portrait of Etgar Keret

Translators are like ninjas. If you notice them, they're no good.

Etgar Keret on literary translation

Portrait of Penny Arcade

This is a change that erases history ... This is cultural amnesia.

Portrait of Masha Gessen

He needed an enemy, an Other ... LGBT people are really convenient: we're sort of the ultimate foreign agent.

What is it to be wild? Cheryl Strayed and Meghan Daum

Cheryl Strayed talks to Meghan Daum about wildness, catharsis and empathy.

Why are people nicer when it's your birthday?

Should we seek happiness, contentment or simply freedom from suffering? What should we expect of friendships? Raimond Gaita, Jane Caro, Sammy J, Benjamin Law and Kristin Alford discuss the complications of satisfaction, kindness and contradiction.

Is the concept of a country obsolete? Questions in a refugee crisis

Responding to a huge volume of questions on borders, refugees and migration, Geraldine Brooks, Tom Elliott, Voranai Vanijaka and Mark Colvin search for insight and progress on this charged and crucial subject.

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