By Rae WhitePoetryUniversity of Queensland Press

Milk Teeth

In this highly original debut collection, Rae White’s edgy and playful poems challenge notions of category, identity, form and gender. Bodies transform, nature morphs and words dart and shift. White’s wise and provocative poems define new ways, new languages.

Portrait of Rae White

Rae White

Rae White is a non-binary poet and writer living in Brisbane. Their poetry has been published in Meanjin QuarterlyCordite Poetry ReviewAndromeda SpacewaysWoolf Pack and others. Their short stories have been published in SeizureCapricious and Slink Chunk Press. Rae’s poem ‘what even r u?’ placed second in the2017 Overland Judith Wright Poetry Prize. Rae is the editor of #EnbyLife, a collaborative zine about non-binary experiences. 

They hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Creative Writing Production) from Queensland University of Technology, and previously worked at 4ZZZ community radio as an on-air announcer. Milk Teeth is Rae’s first poetry collection.

Judges’ report

Milk Teeth is a crisp and tactile first collection. It challenges pre-existing categories: gender, interior and exterior landscapes, the way we assume language is fixed. In this book, bodies are abject and monstrous. But they’re also sexual, ordinary and thriving like tropical houseplants in a north-facing room.

Rae White shows that while some of us may be chipped, cracked or scarred there is an enormous reserve of knowledge and strength to be found within and around us – as evidenced by the smattering of other texts woven throughout the book.


To view a selection of poems from this collection, click here.

The Victorian Premier’s Literary Awards shortlist