Portrait of Willy Zygier

Willy Zygier

Willy Zygier is a musician, producer and composer.

Willy’s first recorded appearance was with his band Tootieville on the Cooking With George Mark Too compilation record, released by Triple J in 1985. He first appears in the Deborah Conway story (officially) on the credits of the 1991 'Release Me' single. He co-wrote and co-produced Conway's 1993 album, Bitch Epic, in 1993. Since then, he has collaborated on all Conway's solo records and subsequent records released under both their names.

Willy has produced and arranged music for a number of Australian feature films and documentaries – The NuggetHorseplayNed & Paringa; and for television has composed scores for the ABC’s Eagle & EvansSounds of Australia & Stuff; SBS’s Global Village,ThalassaEverybody Loves A Wedding & Decadence and Channel 9’s telemovie Little Oberon

Conway and Zygier have just released a new album, Everybody’s Begging, and have been touring the album to sold-out concert halls along the east coast.