Portrait of Vanessa Muradian

Vanessa Muradian

Vanessa Muradian is a sexologist, yoga teacher and the founder of the sex and wellness platform Mia Muse. Vanessa has been working predominantly with women, non-binary and GNC folk over the past 12 years. Vanessa works with individuals to cultivate healthier relationships with themselves and their pleasure. 

Since 2008, Vanessa has spoken to thousands of people, inspiring them to find freedom in their bodies and ultimately more pleasure and vitality in the everyday moments. Vanessa believes your life is the foreplay and accessing small moments of ease and pleasure throughout the day is the magic in cultivating a good and fulfilling sex life. 

Vanessa loves supporting people to connect to their bodies and reclaim the pleasure that is rightfully theirs.

You can find Vanessa facilitating pleasure workshops, sensual yoga, in sex-coaching sessions for individuals and couples. The site Mia Muse is a platform for sex-education, erotica and sex-toys.

Vanessa first realised she was a sexual being while watching The Blue Lagoon in the early 80s.

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