Portrait of Uptown Brown

Uptown Brown

‘Uptown’ Brown is a man who has worn many hats in his colourful life – inventor, musician, aviator and adventurer, to name but a few.

Without a doubt, his crowning glory is the patented “Goodtimes Gyratorscope”, a musical machine which permits an athletic fellow to play multiple instruments at once. . Using leftover parts from a disused biplane (which he himself had crashed), Brown's One Man Band is now (mostly) safe and ready to hit the streets of Paris, Marrakesh or Wagga Wagga.

Favouring a repertoire drawn largely from the 1920-50s, Uptown Brown makes regular appearances at christenings, funerals, ‘exotic’ dances, weddings (both regular and ‘shotgun’), medical procedures and any other occasion that may require the services of a singing gentleman-adventurer.