Portrait of Thordis Elva

Thordis Elva

Thordis Elva is known to Icelanders as a writer, journalist, public speaker and Woman of the Year 2015. Nine of her plays have been professionally produced, and her book about gender-based violence earned her a nomination for the Icelandic Literature Prize.

In 2011, she founded an equality campaign that sparked a national debate, and in 2012 she was commissioned to reinvent the approach to violence prevention and sex education in Icelandic schools, resulting in award-winning short films.

She has been the Chairman of the Board of the Icelandic Women’s Shelter, has served on government committees, and is a sought-after speaker on subjects like gender equality and non-consensual pornography. She holds a BA in theatre, an MA in editing and publishing, and currently resides in Stockholm, Sweden with her partner Vidir and their son.